Demo Reel

Updated demo reel including the shot work from Madagascar 3, Rise of the guardians and openGL programming.

Demo Reel in Madagascar 3

Demoreel in Madagascar 3 from Lana Sun on Vimeo.

Golden Fish

Short animation project in the second year of MFA. I was the director and fx artist.

Thesis work — Ink Simulation in Houdini

This is the thesis work for my MFA in Clemson University. If you need the original hip file, leave your email and I can send it to you.

Flocking System

old flocking system project. I’m interested in implementing it in Houdini using VEX.

Houdini Cloth Sim tutorial 2

I recorded this one in Chinese. I’ll post an english version later. (Adding subtitle is too much work =_=|||)

and the math equation I was using in this tutorial will be available soon. oh and the hip file.

My first tutorial ever…

So I wanna share some of my knowledge of Houdini with other people.

My laptop is very crapy… so sorry for the slow tutorial and my accent. :q


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